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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Whaea Fucking Honky!

Stop. Elaborate and listen.
Not since Vanilla Ice has there been such a white egg wanting to be a brown one. i find it SO OFFENSIVE, when honkydories like her try and ride the Brown Train.

• Boring, the 3rd episode of British sitcom The Young Ones, broadcast in 1982
• Being Boring, a single by the British pop group the Pet Shop Boys
• David Boring, the title character of Daniel Clowes's graphic novel of the same name
• Heartache Is Boring, the debut album by singer Ainjel Emme, released in 2003
• History of a Boring Town, a single by Less Than Jake
• The Boring Report, a four-part series originally broadcast on Melbourne's Channel 31
BORING. Whaea Honky and her mean little mouth

She is SO ingratioating... and fake. She really seems to think she is Gods Gift to the Indigenous People of the World.
There is nothing more arrogant than a self servicing Neo Liberal who thinks they know whats best for Maori. Even though they have not a drop of maori blood. Its insulting to everyone... and the worst thing is that most people cant see through it.

Fat Sharon

Call me old fashioned. But if your size 24 pants are so tight that yuo can see every dimple in your over ample ass, surely its time to get some size 26's.
I'm not being size-ist, be as fat as you fucking want... just put it away!
It is an afront to all sighted individuals, human and otherwise, to have to gaze upon that gargantuan mound of flesh... if we have to look at that in our workplace SURELY our sick leave or stress benefits should be increased.
And i dont know why it is... but when she eats, it makes me want to vomit on myself. At least I might lose a bit of weight this way - what did they call it in the 60's? Diversion Therapies? Look at fat slag = dont eat.
The Pro Ana's need to get some FATTIES on their website if they want to really get their message out there. Perhaps Fat Sharon has a career as a model in front of her yet!!
And its not just the pants. Her pendulous chest is barely encased in a top that, should it speak, might scream "put me out of this misery... pleeeeeeeease".
And I dont hate her cos she is fat. And Ugly.
I hate her cos she is a cunt.

I am interested...

How do people who are so consistently so useless at everythnig end up with positions of responsibility and power?
It happens everywhere?
Businesses do it, our governements are FULL of idiots, and government departments are overrun with MORONS.
When i look round my workplace the 'upper echelon' is overcrowded by mongoloids. My HOD and the previous Principal aer useless, most of the management in the school are tits on a bull and the deans are - by and large - pitiful.
The woman running the transition type thing does nothing, as does the GATE coordinator.
Does anyone have an answer?
Is it becuase only useless fuckers seek out those position?
Is it because the bosses dont want smarter people than them up with them - is it because they want to control people? and dummies are easier to control!!??

Or most scarily of all.. are most people just fucking thick.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Our senior adminsitrator (whatever that is) is a fascist. Well she tries to be. I think she eats babies in her spare time, and I am also fairly sure she is a hermaphrodite.
She looks like she came forward in time in some sort of time machine... she is almost other worldly... in a scary way rather than in a ethereal sort of exciting and exotic way.
One day i might ask her... Is it true you are a hermaphrodite? Or do you just have a penis. Only... if i were to be totally honest, I think she might hurt me and im a bit scared.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Last Departmental!

I walk in the door and Abigail pulls out a chair for me... an evil gilint in her eye. She is sitting next to the Proffessor, and this chair means that i act as a buffer. Everyone looks at me... i have no choice but to choke back the bile and sit next to the Prof.

We all got a handout. Of Library activities. That we have used for the whole time i have been there, but now they are stapled into a booklet.
The professor is stoked. The THATNKS Long and Thin for her efforts - and Sycophant tells her its WONDERful. I can't get over the fact that they are buzzing out over rehashed resources. Losers.
New Girl suggests that there is something could be added to this handout.
"yeeees... thaaaaaat would be faaaaaaaabulous" drawls Sycophant. But thats too much trouble for Long and Thin... its already gone in for copying. Ahh well.

As Professor toalks on and on and on and on and... Penelope comes in, followed closely by the Toad. How come they can be late. I guess its cos they do fuck all.

Crazy colleague starts whinging about something. As I look at her, i have this weird feeling in my stomach. I think I actually might hate her. Yes... thats definitely it... i actually hate her.

Old Man is asking for an explanation of something. Well - that put professor on the back foot, she didnt know what to say to that. So she burbled soemthing incomprehensibel that no one was listening to... i thnk my eyes started glazing over.
Actulaly Nice Man snapped me out... staring into space.

I am PULLED from my reviere by the sound of Crazy Colleague complaining LOUDLY again. I am convinced now... yes indeed i hate her A LOT. She waS taling over the Professor, who then in turn raises her voice. Merry Fucking Xmas. I wish everyone would just SHUT up. Dont they get it - if they just shut up and let The Professor talk it would be over so much quicker.

Sychophant is saying "of course of course ... its much better that way"
Who knows what she is talking about. I dont. I have no idea.

The topic changes to what do do with badly behaved kids. We are told we are NOT to throw them out under any circumstances. Crazy Colleague never throws kids out.. hardly ever. neither does The Old Man. I snort, cos I am often visited by kids who have been booted from both their classes AS WELL as from the sychophants... and just about every other person in the department. Crazy starts one of her rants about how everything she does is great and what an effective practitioner she is blah... blah... blah... she monopolises all the conversations, which is fine cos i dont want to be part of it anyway ... but i dont think anyone else does either.

Just writing this is fucking me off - i will have to finish it later.

Christmas in the Staffroom. Felize Fucking Navidad

The staffroom at lunchtime.

Why? Ok so the line of people at the urn waiting for the Plain Pack instant coffee stretches across the front of the kitchen. The tea lady, who si9multaneously calls people darling, and tells them off for leaving a cup in the wrong p[lace greets her favourites. I don’t think I am one of them.
I notice the professor is doing the lean in on her prey… the poor dude. I think he made the mistake of ‘going there’ and now – because she derives all her self esteem through the attention of men (any men) she sits with them and simpers all over them. Gross. Are men stupid? Or are they just oblivious to it all?
The crazy colleague has (once again ) appointed herself “Keeper of the Tree and Anything Christmas:. What this means is that she will spend the next week stressing and yelling at people about the decorations, moaning about doing it, and finishing it (in her defence she does a good job of it, it looks superb) ONE DAY before the term finishes. At the moment she is extolling the virtues of tree decoration. It is, apparently, and art form.
As she rants on about this and that, and mutters frantically to herself, I notice that Madman is having another bad day. When Madman is having a good day, he is quite funny, and engaging. But when he has a bad day its best to step OUT of his way, lest you are hit with a flying object, as he searches out a hit of diazepam.
Satan Lady manages to float around like a weird sort of spectre – floating with an ass that size is a talent. She never seems to do anything other than float by, watching. What you are doing… who you are talking about… what you are wearing. She seems to get paid to watch… I am yet to see any evidence of any other productivity from the old cow.
Over in the Support Staff corner they are gossiping, possibly about me… or perhaps about someone else who has displeased them. The thing with them is that they are so small minded, that they cant actually formulate PROPER slander. Its all ‘look at her’ stuff. You know… 12 year old bitching. A couple of them are so large in the bottom that they are using 2 chairs. Well, one and a half really… but half a chair is no good for the rest of us!
The CommEd lady used to be really nice. But now she has developed an over inflated sense of self-importance. That’s the funny thing about people whos role is of minimal importance. They seem to have to inflate it in their own head so they feel worthy.
But they aren’t.