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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dickheads... are they another species or just a sub species of the human race. A large sub species.

Did you like the long title? Some days I just feel quite verbose.

Well - I have been in my new workplace for a good wee while now and though on the whole it is a huge improvement (staff wise) you just cant win em all and every workplace seems to have its sub species of cock suckers.

I have already alluded to Mr Fuckstick a few posts ago... and now i would like to enlighten you about a few more of the charmers in the teaching profession.

First lets talk about Fattima talofa. i call her this NEITHER because she is Arabic or Pacific Islander. I call her this because she is FAT and she WISHES she were a polynesian. She is always complaining that the kids call her a racist. A lot. And they also complain that she tells them to go on diets, while she is clearly NOT on one! She talks about Samoa all the time as if its her homeland. She is white. She is just irritating though and i can cope with that.

There is USELESS LOSER the IT guy. Our computers were all down for a WEEK!!!! My work was on thse computers... i couldnt access them in order toprint my work. And when you ask him about it he makes some lameass joke (seriously he is a cock) and no answer. Seriously - then the computers were working but the printers werent... but some computers could print to the photocopier... which wouldnt COPY anything....
I told him its a pity he couldnt do IT as well as he makes stupid jokes cos then we wouldnt be HAVIN those problems.

And every workplace has a Mr Stary Tits. You know the oldish guy who stares at your boobs when he talks to you...

But as much as I complain... its stll better than the last lot.


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