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Monday, April 02, 2007

An open letter to the Board of Trustees.

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to express my unrest at the lack of closure I have had regarding my shabby treatment at the hands of your employees. I have waited for my apology, assured it would be forthcoming... but - alas - it seems its still in the post.

I understand that NZ post is often slow, so I will assume that the afforementioined apology letter is still winging its way toward me as i type.

While I wait I will just re clarify things for all our benefits.

I was accused of being a drug user... under the influence of drugs around children. i offered a blood test. The issue was dropped. NO apology.

I was accused of having an 'innapropriate' relationships with members of the PE department... I think the wording was 'younjg male staff members".My friends. Some people have dirty minds. Both of the men in question backed up that we were nothing more than friends. This issue was dropped. NO apology.

I was accused of lifting some ugly weaselly scotsmans kilt... I didnt do it. The person who did is still working for you. It was dropped. NO apology.

I was accused of arriving to a fucntion drunk with a whole group of other seemingly intoxicated adults. I arrived with my children. Who were thwe other drunk adults? Were they interrogated? I didnt think so. NO apology.

The bar was opened. I was singled out. I didnt even have money at the ball to buy a drink. And still - the little girl waits.

So - reviewing all of the above, I am sure that the apology is in the mail... or maybe I have to put something in the mail for you!

Enjoy... have a nice holiday!!

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