I think you know...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just because you are a fuckwit... doesn't mean I have PMT!

I am often accused of having PMT. Sometimes i do, sometimes people are just fuckwits!!

I am not an unreasonable persn, I will try and look at things from other peoples point of view, but Im not keen on sticking my head up my own arse, so I leave some peoples wanking points of views to themselves.

Like those people who start a racist diatribe with "well I'm not racist, but...". Hmmm, my husband has a saying, something along the lines of "everything before but is bullshit". They may as well be saying..."im not racist but I hate (insert any group that is appropriate)..." Stupid fucks. I would much rather they say "im ignorant and racist and this is what i think" ... ,much easier to deal with!

And how about people who cry on your shoulder for hours and hours and ask your opinion and you give it to them, and then they totally ignore you, only to come back for round two of the blub fest. Fuck off and cry one someone elses shoulder... if you dont give a fuck enough to cheange it... neither do I. And these idiots seem to think I have infinite patience for their inane bullshit. i dont. i dont give a rats ass. I am very low on the patience richter scale. Why is Fuck Off seen as offensive, when in some instances it is good advice!

You know what else fucks me off?? People who try and make me guess who it is on the phone ...
Me; Hello
them; HI
Me; Whos this
them: Guess


I hate Cigarette smoking. And especially people who think they are cool for doing it. And i dont just mean kids, i mean those uber trendy yuppy types who sit in the granite and steel bars, smoking out the windows cos they are oh so sophisticated. Fuck off with your tar you losers. And then... then just to add insult to injury throw cigarette butts on the ground. They are just fricking pigs.

And why do people that type "O I C" "PLZ" and "THNX" instead of "oh, I see", "please" and "thanks" and claim that it saves them time. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. if you are stupid and illiterate, just admit it. You sould like much less of a wanker if you are just dumb.

And I dont think its too much to expect gangs to develop their won identitiies. I mean I know they are in gangs cos they are morons, but stealing your identity from the lowest of the low in american society (not quite as low as the bush admininstration) is taking things to an all time low. Westside, eastside, fucking arse side wanking gang shit. Its pathetic. Nest thing It will Be the Shizzy Nizzle Bush-jizzle.

I hate people who draw all over other peoples places. tagging sucks and 99 times out of 100 its ugly and talent free. Get a colouring book moron. Its not me, my PMT has nothing to do with the fact that you are a talent free zone!

Nor does my PMT regulate the fact that I detest people vomiting near me. Fuck off and vomit soemwhere else. Away from me. Anywhere. Do a Jimi Hendrikse as far as i am concerned, but its NOT my fault you are sick, so why should I see / hear / smell it!

I hate 2 faced gutless arseholes who are to fucking chicken shit to say what ever they need to say to your face. Grow a backbone or keep your pathetic whiny shit head mouth shut.

Im impatient. Waiting annoys me. Waiting in line, on hold, in traffic, for the ads to finish, for the water to heat up, for whiny fucks to get out of my face with their suggestions as to how i could do things better. I appreciate your input, fuck you very much.

I hate weak coffee.

And i hate being told I have PMT.