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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fat Sharon

Call me old fashioned. But if your size 24 pants are so tight that yuo can see every dimple in your over ample ass, surely its time to get some size 26's.
I'm not being size-ist, be as fat as you fucking want... just put it away!
It is an afront to all sighted individuals, human and otherwise, to have to gaze upon that gargantuan mound of flesh... if we have to look at that in our workplace SURELY our sick leave or stress benefits should be increased.
And i dont know why it is... but when she eats, it makes me want to vomit on myself. At least I might lose a bit of weight this way - what did they call it in the 60's? Diversion Therapies? Look at fat slag = dont eat.
The Pro Ana's need to get some FATTIES on their website if they want to really get their message out there. Perhaps Fat Sharon has a career as a model in front of her yet!!
And its not just the pants. Her pendulous chest is barely encased in a top that, should it speak, might scream "put me out of this misery... pleeeeeeeease".
And I dont hate her cos she is fat. And Ugly.
I hate her cos she is a cunt.


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