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Monday, June 15, 2009

More meetings...

As I sat pondering the meeting i was in - wondering 'could this be the most boring meeting in the world' i realized of course it isnt!!!! Because I work in a profession that prides itself in outdoing itself in boring, mindless, semi comprehensible drivel. A worse one is BOUND to come up - there are 3 certainties. 1. Tax. 2. Death 3. The inevitability of the Boring Mindless Pointless meeting in my profession, and that just as you think you have hit a new low... along comes another one/
I am not even in the remotest bit interested in the drivel they shovel us in the guise of professional development. I just want time to do my reports.
I am not even a bit interested in sitting in a room with those people for any longer than i have to. For the most part, teachers are whiny 2 faced hypocrites.
The Professional Development needed in this profession is much more far reaching that they actually realize...

more on my work-mates next time.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I thought I had ranted for today...


What the fuck?

Boo Hoo I am so tortured... Im going to dye my hair black and comb my frige onto my face and wear lots of eyeliner and cut myself cos I am sooooooo sad.


Bet there are none in Somalia, or palestine.

Emos are spoilt and self centred and they are have enogh money to buy the latest trendy emo gears and the latest black and red hair dye and the latest black nail polish and the latest my Chemical Romance CD.

munny didnt love you enough?? At least she didnt sell you into a BROTHEL!!!
Daddy wasnt there?? At least you arent picking up his body parts from the KILLING fucking feilds.
your teachers dont understand yu??? BOO FUCKING HOO... get on with your free 9albeit sub standard) education and STOP YOUR FUCKING CRYING.

Itas pathetic.


whinge whinge fucking whinge.

It stuns and amazes me that some people just HAVE to complain and be oppositional as a matter of course.

My profession is full of whingers. its never too early in the day or late in the evening. They whine. About everything.

'This coffee is shit'. Indeed it is Sir Whinge-A-Lot... ITS FREE!! bring in your own good coffee if it will brighten your day!

'Look at all this work on the counter... its cluttering up our work room'. ITS A FUCKING WORK ROOM SO YOU CAN WORK IN IT!! If there were NO work to do there would be NO work. Stop fucking complaining... its someone elses work... that THEY have to do... NOT you!!!!

'Why is this event so badly organised????' DID YOU ORGANISE IT? Did you OFFER to help organise it? NO??? I DIDNT THINK SO!!!!!

And they never seem to complain about the real probelms - the big deals. 'Ohhhh there are children dying of starvation in africa' or 'Ohhhh women are still being ritually circumcised' or 'America is Shitting on the world" NO no no no no!!!
Its WAY worse that someone used the wrong font size on a report, or that someone is eating in the wrong place.

Its time to stop the madness.

If you havent got something of greaqt consequence to whinge abuot... FUCK UP!!


Monday, April 02, 2007

An open letter to the Board of Trustees.

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to express my unrest at the lack of closure I have had regarding my shabby treatment at the hands of your employees. I have waited for my apology, assured it would be forthcoming... but - alas - it seems its still in the post.

I understand that NZ post is often slow, so I will assume that the afforementioined apology letter is still winging its way toward me as i type.

While I wait I will just re clarify things for all our benefits.

I was accused of being a drug user... under the influence of drugs around children. i offered a blood test. The issue was dropped. NO apology.

I was accused of having an 'innapropriate' relationships with members of the PE department... I think the wording was 'younjg male staff members".My friends. Some people have dirty minds. Both of the men in question backed up that we were nothing more than friends. This issue was dropped. NO apology.

I was accused of lifting some ugly weaselly scotsmans kilt... I didnt do it. The person who did is still working for you. It was dropped. NO apology.

I was accused of arriving to a fucntion drunk with a whole group of other seemingly intoxicated adults. I arrived with my children. Who were thwe other drunk adults? Were they interrogated? I didnt think so. NO apology.

The bar was opened. I was singled out. I didnt even have money at the ball to buy a drink. And still - the little girl waits.

So - reviewing all of the above, I am sure that the apology is in the mail... or maybe I have to put something in the mail for you!

Enjoy... have a nice holiday!!

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dickheads... are they another species or just a sub species of the human race. A large sub species.

Did you like the long title? Some days I just feel quite verbose.

Well - I have been in my new workplace for a good wee while now and though on the whole it is a huge improvement (staff wise) you just cant win em all and every workplace seems to have its sub species of cock suckers.

I have already alluded to Mr Fuckstick a few posts ago... and now i would like to enlighten you about a few more of the charmers in the teaching profession.

First lets talk about Fattima talofa. i call her this NEITHER because she is Arabic or Pacific Islander. I call her this because she is FAT and she WISHES she were a polynesian. She is always complaining that the kids call her a racist. A lot. And they also complain that she tells them to go on diets, while she is clearly NOT on one! She talks about Samoa all the time as if its her homeland. She is white. She is just irritating though and i can cope with that.

There is USELESS LOSER the IT guy. Our computers were all down for a WEEK!!!! My work was on thse computers... i couldnt access them in order toprint my work. And when you ask him about it he makes some lameass joke (seriously he is a cock) and no answer. Seriously - then the computers were working but the printers werent... but some computers could print to the photocopier... which wouldnt COPY anything....
I told him its a pity he couldnt do IT as well as he makes stupid jokes cos then we wouldnt be HAVIN those problems.

And every workplace has a Mr Stary Tits. You know the oldish guy who stares at your boobs when he talks to you...

But as much as I complain... its stll better than the last lot.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Newest Atrocity....

So once again these fullas stand trial and once again they are found INNOCENT! hmmm... this stinks of the OJ trial. Two of them are in prison for rape already... so my question to you is... Do people who thisk its okay to rape someone only ever do it once???

The only comfort we as a society can take from this is that the disgusting hypocrites will be dealt to... the two who are in prison now are almost definitely being sorted out by the people they put there, and Rickards... wont work as a cop again... and everyone knows who he is! if you see him in the street say hello...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mr Fuckstick

Today - at my new job - I have had my first 'I Hate you' encounter. Lets call this man Mr Fuckstick.

Mr Fuckstick is arrogant, rude and thinks his opinion is the only one that means anything. This man taught me when i was at school and he was a fuckstick then... and is indeed a fuckstick now!

Watch this space for more encounters with Mr Fuckstick. I am sure today wont be the last time!! In fact I am fairly sure that I am going to subtly do every thing I can to fuck him off.

Of course this isnt true.

There is nothing subtle about me!!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Tis the season to ... bah humbug.

I do like Christmas. I like the tree, I like the celebration, i like that i get presents, i even like buying presents for people i like.

I hate the bullshit.

In my last week in the Pit of Hell (my prior workplace) i recieved a plethora of Xmas cards in my pigeon hole, wishing me the bst for the new year, and a merry xmas, and blah blah load of shit... because at LEAST 3 of the people who put those cards in my pigeon hole wish me NO good at all.
So excuse me if i say 'tis the season to be a hypocrite and pretend to be a good person'. For fucks sake - if you are going to be an arsehole to someone all year DONT wish them well at Christmas time. be fucking consistent. I dont want your fucking card. ITS IN THE BIN! Its insulting.

I also resent the shops. Its bad enough that the capitalists have hijacked a religous celebration to make more CA$H and that there is an enormous pressure to get everyone presents (i DO like getting presents - and I quite like bying presents) BUT I CANT COPE WITH THE CROWDS OF MORONS. I tend to stay away from places where there are people en masse - on account of them generally being arrogant, rude, impatient and THICK!
And smelly. And Ugly.

And though partly i will admit that leaving my xmas shopping till the 22nd of december might be a bad idea in terms of having to go into crowded places, and deal with crownds of people - it doesnt mean i should have to stand in line with a woman covered in scabs, smelling vaguely like wee, and in front of the mMan Who Stands Too Close. Or the 'Lady' who wants to buy Ill Divo (i think thats what she said) and when told it was sold out indignantly asked 'WHY??' in a high pitched and arrogant screech 'this isnt GOOD enough... this is a MUSIC shop isnt it... where is the MANAGER?"

There was a high point - snapping an ex workmate buying his christmas porn stash in a dodgy little shop in Frankton. It took my a while to click onto why he was making such FURIOUS conversation about bookshops, but i chatted away, unaware of the sealed packages under his arm... and then it dawned on me. It was extraordinarily uncomfortable. I have NO moral objection to him wanking over porn... its just something that is a bit traumatic to think about. Its a visual image i dont need. And neither does anyone else. Having said that - or course it makes a great story!