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Monday, April 24, 2006

Where Has Sisterhood gone?

I was watching TV as i do - from that lovely comfy place on the couch that has moulded to fit me like the proverbial glove.

We dont have a remote so until one of the teenagers come into the room I am stuck watching music videos (which will be the subject of the next YELL).

Pink has a semi new song out called Stupid Girls. I watched the video - and listened to the song... and I am quite impressed for 2 reasons.
1. It makes fun of things I hate. (always a good start) For example... well ... stupid girls.
2. It encourages girls to be more than what our current media tells us girls should be. And that is good.

I was stoked.

The only thing that bothered me... a wee bit... was that though the girls the song is ridiculing those ridiculous creatures... its still girls dissing girls.

I accept that this is a start and that some stand is better than no stand, but instead of asking why some girls are so stupid, and why we dont have a Woman president, we need to ask some of the 'Powers The Be' why the STUPID BOYS ARE RUNNING THE WORLD. If its ok to be a stupid boy, and you can have all the power in the world, why will this not work for girl.

Here is the answer. BECause feminism has lost its puff. A lot of people see feminism as extreme man hate, or as irrelevant because 'surely we are equal now'.
As women we are STILL on the back foot. We still have to work twice as hard to do half as well, no matter how qualified and competent we are.

If you are in any doubt that we need to re embrace Feminism and the idea of sister hood, just look at domestic violence statistics. Look at the work of Amnesty international who are campaigning against killings and disappearances of young women and girls of Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua, Mexico, violence against women in Guatemala, systematic rape of women and girls in Darfur, Sudan.

Certainly these atrocities aren't happening in our backyards, but they are happening, and by being silent, we are complicit. We become accessories to the rape, disfigurement, torture and murder of hudreds and thousands of women every year.

Even in our day to day dealings, how often do you hear other women tearing each other apart? We criticize each others clothes, bodys, hair, voices... and this isnt teenaged girls I am referring to. I am talking about educated, intelligent women who are so insecure as to their place / role in society that the easist thing to do is to create a role by tearing down others.

Its time to reclaim sisterhood. Do it in baby steps if the F word scares you. Just be nice to each other. Dont be so quick to demonise fat chicks, dont tell old women that they cant wear mini skirts, wear make up if you want to, dont wear it if it makes your face feel like shit. Be the woman YOU are... and support other womens right to be who they are!

If someone pisses you off, give them respect of saying it to their face, dont backbite and bitch about her behind her back!

Bring back sisterhood!! Don't let the years of work the generations of feminists before us did go to waste!!

Emrace being a woman in yourself, and in each other!!